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Webinar Promotions Calendar 2023

Use this tool to create a 2023 webinar promotions calendar that will allow you to plan & monitor your promotional activities throughout the year.

Video Marketing Posting Calendar 2023

Use this calendar to organize the dates of distribution for your video marketing program in 2023.

Employee Holiday Calendar 2023

Use the 2023 Employee Holiday Calendar to keep track of employee vacation days, personal days and sick days.

Editorial Calendar Template 2021

Use this editoral calendar template to plan, strategize and organize your content opportunities, due dates, and contacts.


For the second consecutive year, Demand Metric and PFL partnered to understand how nearly 600 marketers use multichannel marketing and the power of intentional, coordinated marketing efforts.

The Ultimate Guide to ABM

Read this Ultimate Guide to learn how ABM can help you acquire more new customers at target accounts and align sales & marketing around a common goal: revenue growth.

The 2020 State of Marketing Project Management - Analyst Report

In this guide, you will discover detailed insights from our research study and project management best practices gleaned from top-performing marketing organizations.


In this guide, you will discover insights from our research study and project management best practices gleaned from top-performing marketing organizations.


Agile Marketing is a method for planning and executing a marketing plan borrowed from the world of software development. This guide explains exactly what agile marketing is, why it's so effective and provides an action plan to get started with agile marketing in your organization. 

Use this account based marketing (ABM) framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute an ABM program.

Ideal Customer Profile Template ICP Template

You need to describe the type of company that would benefit the most from your products or solutions.

ABM Program Budget Template

Use our ABM Program Budget Template to create an ABM program budget and track your spending.

ABM Team Roles Matrix Template

Use this template to clarify roles and responsibilities for each member of your account-based marketing (ABM) team.

Use our ABM Metrics Dashboard to define, track, and communicate your key ABM program metrics with your team.

ABM Platform Evaluation Matrix Template

Use our ABM Platform Evaluation Matrix to select the best account-based marketing (ABM) platform for your organization.

ABM Buying Committee Diagram Template

Use our ABM Buying Committee Diagram to build an organizational chart of the buying committee at one of your target accounts.

ABM Content Plan Worksheet Template

Use our ABM Content Plan Worksheet to identify the content assets that you will use for different personas.

ABM Account Product Mapping Template

This worksheet will help you conduct a white space analysis to identify new sales opportunities that you can sell into your existing target accounts. 

ABM Key Account Plan Canvas Template

Use our ABM Key Account Plan Canvas to create a simple, one-page action plan for each of your target accounts.

ABM Account Tiers Worksheet

Use our ABM Account Tiers Worksheet to create tiers for the accounts that are included in your ABM program. 

ABM Campaign Planning Tool

Use our ABM Campaign Planning Tool to plan and execute successful ABM campaigns.

Customer Segment Analysis Tool

Use this tool to divide your customer base into distinct groups or segments and analyze them based on shared characteristics, behaviors, or needs.

Use this template to define the pains, gains and jobs-to-be-done for your buyer.

Product Market Expansion Grid Ansoff

Use this framework to help you devise strategies for future growth.