ABM Content Plan Worksheet

Resource Overview

Use our ABM Content Plan Worksheet to identify the content assets that you will use for different personas.


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Your Problem

You need to develop an ABM Content Plan that will influence the buying committee and help drive them to purchase from your organization.

Our Solution

We created the ABM Content Plan Worksheet to help you identify the content assets that you will use for different personas at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

This template will help you map content assets to specific roles at each stage of the journey. Stages include:

  • Prospecting/Needs Analysis
  • Qualification/Discovery
  • Demo/Consideration
  • Proposal/Decision
  • Contract/Implement

Use this tool to ensure the right content is being delivered to the right person at your target account and increase the likelihood that they will purchase from your organization.

Key Benefits

  • easy to edit worksheet
  • helps you communicate your ABM content strategy
  • save 2 hours on writing & formatting
  • effective organizational tool


Microsoft PowerPoint

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Microsoft PowerPoint (Basic)

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