Agile Marketing How-To Guide

Resource Overview

Agile Marketing is a method for planning and executing a marketing plan borrowed from the world of software development. This guide explains exactly what agile marketing is, why it's so effective and provides an action plan to get started with agile marketing in your organization. 


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Agile Marketing is a powerful and proven tactical approach to improve the processes that empower your marketing team, encouraging constant and swift growth.

An Agile approach allows teams to be more capable to adapt to real-time marketing challenges or opportunities, and also encourages transparency and rewards adaptability, ultimately leading to happier and less-stressed team members and more consistent results.

Agile Marketing is based on the Agile approach to project management often used in software development to encourage programmers to focus on incremental progress over building bigger projects, that take longer to complete, and may be irrelevant or unnecessary after they are completed.

By focusing on projects incrementally, the results are available much quicker, allowing the teams to test and analyze the outcomes before investing more resources in that area.

This approach has been so successful at helping teams get faster and more efficient that the Marketing world has begun implementing it on marketing related projects, with equally great results. 

Read this guide to take a deeper dive into this important and relevant topic: 

Table of Contents

  1. So, What Exactly is Agile Marketing?
  2. Why Agile Marketing?
  3. Agile Marketing Results
  4. Agile Marketing Manifesto
  5. Glossary of Terms
  6. How Agile Marketing Works
  7. Defining your Team and Roles
  8. Creating a Backlog
  9. Review Process
  10. Getting Started with Agile Marketing
  11. Action Plan