Online Advertising Plan Playbook

Resource Overview

Follow this simple, step-by-step playbook to create an effective online advertising plan to increase leads and/or sales and support your marketing goals.


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Our Online Advertising playbook highlights our premium tool-kit of tools & templates to help you create an effective online advertising plan to increase leads and/or sales and support your marketing goals.  This PDF is also the course guide for our Online Advertising Training Course, which has 2 video modules that go from fundamental concepts to advanced implementation of online advertising including re-marketing to past website visitors and social ads.

Demand Metric playbooks are step-by-step guides that help you build strategic processes using "Best Practices" and other Demand Metric tools & templates. For background info on Demand Metric playbooks (aka methodologies), read our blog post: Much Ado About Methodologies.

Stages of this playbook include:

  1. Understand Online Ads
  2. Evaluate Approach
  3. Research Keywords
  4. Plan Ad Copy
  5. Implement Campaign
  6. Measure Results

There are 29 premium tools & templates linked inside of this playbook to facilitate the process.

  1. Online Advertising Framework
  2. Training Course: Online Advertising
  3. Online Advertising Benchmark Report
  4. Online Advertising Technology Overview
  5. B2B Display Advertising
  6. Finding ROI with Online Ad Campaigns
  7. Online Advertising ROI Calculator
  8. Advertising Plan Checklist
  9. Online Advertising Vendors Matrix
  10. Online Advertising Vendor Evaluation
  11. Online Advertising System RFP
  12. Training Course: Agency Management
  13. AdWords Keyword Planner Tool
  14. Keyword Spy
  15. SPYFU
  16. Assess Advertising Concept Effectiveness
  17. Establishing a Brand Scorecard
  18. Brand Strategy Scorecard
  19. Positioning Statement Worksheet
  20. Feature Advantage Benefit Tool
  21. Advertisement Evaluation Matrix
  22. Online Advertising Plan Template
  23. Google AdWords
  24. Facebook Ads
  25. AdMob
  26. Landing Page Optimization Checklist
  27. Building Effective Landing Pages
  28. Google Analytics
  29. Advertising Calendar & Budget Template 2017