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Lead Generation Plan Playbook

Use this step-by-step playbook and set of 46 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive lead generation plan.

Shopper Marketing Journey Stages Template

A template to document "journey stages" for each of your shopper personas.

eWorkshop: Funnel Flow Benchmarking Study - 2017

This live session is ideal if you're looking to understand how well leads flow through your sales & marketing funnel.


Join Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, and Rob Goehring, CEO at RewardStream, as they share and discuss the key findings of our 2016 Referral Marketing Benchmark Report.

Developing Sales Playbooks from Journey Maps

This How-To Guide has been designed to help you and your company build, implement and operationalize Sales Playbooks based on Customer Journey Map data.

communications touchpoint diagram template

A tool to create a visual diagram of your communication strategy with new clients and/or customers.

Lauren Follett's picture
Lauren Follett

Marketing success has universally rested on a single principle: “Know Thy Customer.” But, without a unified and current customer profile, critical marketing campaigns like demand generation, lead management, scoring and nurturing are woefully inadequate. 

To succeed in today’s multifaceted communication environment, modern marketers need to embrace a new paradigm for creating and managing customer profiles: Customer Profile Management. 

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Jesse Hopps

Over the years, I have heard a lot of customers asking about how to calculate customer lifetime value.  We are considering building an interactive tool to help you calculate customer lifetime value (CLV), but would like to get some feedback from members before we start.  Has anyone out there built a customer lifetime value calculator in the past?  Would you find value in a customer lifetime value calculator tool?  

Vote on this idea to let us know!

UPDATE:  this tool has been produced along with a How-To Guide to provide additional information: