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Scott Brinker, president, CTO and co-founder of ion interactive shares insights from recent research on Digital Body Language, sharing his perspective and research results on the problems and pathways to better sharing and utilizing this valuable data.


By following the tips set out in this session, your team will no longer have to guess whether your website is an effective B2B marketing tool.

Dun & Bradstreet sponsored a Demand Metric study to learn how companies are using acquired data and how that data is making a difference in campaigns, demand generation and other key results.

In October 2013, Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study, with 227 respondents, to understand the relationship between data quality and revenue growth.

Sales & Marketing Data Quality

Chief Analyst Jerry Rackley will share key findings from this recently concluded study that will show the impact of dirty data on conversion rates, and how & where data is stored, cleaned and managed.

Big Data and Marketing Infographic

This infographic provides statistics and best practices for content marketing.

Barriers to Big Data Adption

This eWorkshop will present the barriers to big data and discuss ways some organizations are overcoming them.

A guide to help you understand the value of using big data.

A guide to help you understand what Google Analytics are and how they could be beneficial to your organization.

analytical marketing tools and techniques

A guide to help you utilize analytical marketing tools & techniques and implement marketing dashboards into your department.

This guide provides practical advice on how to implement a marketing dashboard.