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The Current State of Online Communities for Customer Support

Demand Metric, in partnership with Vanilla Forums, set out to learn what the customer support landscape looks like and how effective crowd based, self-service support channels are working.

Referral Marketing Research Report

Demand Metric and RewardStream conducted a study to learn about the current state of referral marketing.


This vendor profile covers key vendor information, features, functionality, strengths and opportunities for improvement for Influitive. The profile also includes a real-world use case of an active customer solution.


Our Advocacy and Loyalty Technology Overview highlights the Advocacy and Loyalty technology space at a high-level.

Use this tool to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Advocacy and Loyalty platform.

Use this database to template to track your customer advocates by key information, levels of engagement and referrals.

Use this matrix to compare Advocacy and Loyalty platforms based on your requirements.

Use this matrix to obtain information about key vendors in the Advocacy and Loyalty technology space.