Product Market Expansion Grid (Ansoff Matrix)

Resource Overview

Use this framework to help you devise strategies for future growth.


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Your Problem:

You need a framework to help you devise strategies for future growth.

Our Solution:

The Ansoff Matrix, or the Product/Market Expansion Grid, is a strategic planning tool that can help your team develop growth strategies. The Ansoff Matrix was developed by Igor Ansoff, a Russian American applied mathematician and business manager. It was first published in his 1957 article "Strategies for Diversification" in the Harvard Business Review.

This tool is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods and when it's followed up with thorough research and analysis. However, it provides a simplified view of complex strategic questions, which teams should explore further to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their unique situation.

Leverage the framework in this tool to assist in evaluating different strategic growth options and select a path that best aligns with your objectives and risk appetite.

Key Benefits:

  • A structured approach for identifying new growth opportunities
  • Stay organized
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Customizable and re-brandable
  • Save 2 hours on formatting

Microsoft PowerPoint

Estimated Time Required: 1-3 Days

Skills Required: Strategy