ABM Roles Matrix

Resource Overview

Use this template to clarify roles and responsibilities for each member of your account-based marketing (ABM) team.


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Your Problem

You need to clarify roles and responsibilities for each member of your account-based marketing (ABM) team.

Our Solution

Our ABM Roles Matrix helps you better understand the roles and responsibilities of an ABM team from the following perspectives:

  • ABM Lead (Head of Marketing)
  • ABM Campaign Manager
  • Product Marketing
  • Account Development (BDR/SDR)
  • Sales Leadership & Account Executives
  • Executive Sponsors
  • Operations

After reviewing this tool, update the PowerPoint presentation to reflect the roles and responsibilities of your team.

Key Benefits

  • includes nine key cross-functional roles and detailed responsibility chart
  • save time by quickly rebranding
  • easily customizable via PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: PowerPoint (Basic)



A well-organized ABM team will vary depending on the size of the organization. Generally, the team should include leaders from Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and sometimes the CEO. Other team members that may have critical insight into the customer experience, ideal customer profile, and revenue goals merit inclusion as well. Depending on the size of the organization, an ABM leadership team could manage a larger group of “boots-on-the-ground” staff, or the ABM leadership team could constitute the entirety of a company’s ABM staff.

Who makes up the ABM team at industry-leading companies, and how are those teams structured?

  • At DemandBase, the ABM leadership team consists of eleven members known as the FWG (Funnel Working Group). Team members span the sales, marketing, and finance departments and include the Senior Director of Web Marketing and VP of Demand Generation.
  • According to “The Engagio Playbook,” the team at Engagio primarily consists of leaders within Executive Management, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.
  • Marketo, an Adobe Company, devotes an entire team to ABM. This team addresses a segment of the business that has a large average deal size. Team members work with other members of the broader marketing team, like field marketing, digital marketing, and customer marketing.

Each of these successful ABM teams shares cross-functionality and buy-in from leadership. Ronan Lyall, DemandBase’s Finance Manager and member of the Funnel Working Group, advises, “Ensure your ABM Leadership team has one or more direct lines to the board.” Katie Layng, RVP of Mid-Market Sales West and FWG member, elaborates on the critical nature of alignment across departments: “Everyone has to be a team player and understand the overall company goal. For me, that translates to clear communication and transparency. I’m asking questions like ‘As a salesperson, here’s what I need. What’s reasonable on your end as a Marketer?’”

Another aspect of successful ABM teams is the inclusion of a dedicated content and digital strategy team member. Someone from a broader team of marketers or specific to the ABM team can easily fill this role.

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