ABM Buying Committee Diagram

Resource Overview

Use our ABM Buying Committee Diagram to build an organizational chart of the buying committee at one of your target accounts.


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Your Problem

You need to identify members of the buying committee at a target account.

Our Solution

We created the ABM Buying Committee Diagram to help you build an organizational chart of the buying committee at one of your target accounts.

This buying committee diagram template will make it easy for you to identify the following key personas at your target accounts:

  • Deal Influencer
  • End-User
  • Technical Buyer
  • Economical Buyer

Share this buying committee diagram with the ABM team and develop an ABM Content Plan that will influence key stakeholders at your target account to purchase from your organization.

Key Benefits

  • visual representation of a buying committee at a target account
  • provides a real-world example of an organizational chart
  • maps buying committee roles, titles, and names
  • easy to use PowerPoint file
  • save time on formatting


Microsoft PowerPoint

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: PowerPoint (Basic)



Conclude the account planning phase by ensuring your ABM team has the resources to access key individuals at target accounts. This task includes collecting comprehensive contact information, generating insights, and harnessing intent data from as many members of the buying team as possible. Discover who actually makes up the buying team. There are a variety of solutions that help you gain the insights necessary at your account profiles and contacts at those accounts. Complete a gap analysis to understand which data you’re missing, and devise a collaborative plan between marketing and sales to capture these important insights. Often this is done through manual activities on the sales side. The most important part of this process is to ensure you have added buyer contact roles to your target and named accounts. You need to know who your buyers are before you can personalize engagement and provide a valuable customer experience. If you’re wondering how to get started with buyer persona development, use the Demand Metric Buyer Persona Template to learn what’s required.

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