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This webinar will examine the role of the sales proposal in today’s buyer-centric world and present proven strategies to better align your content with buyers’ decision-making behaviors.

This template has been designed to assist user experience design (UX) testing for web and app development, with the purpose of improving the usability of any website or application.

Use our UX testing process template to establish a step-by-step process routine to be used duirng your usability testing for website and app development.

The Definitive Shopper Marketing Guide

In this guide, you will discover a distilled best practice approach to Shopper Marketing that will superpower your strategy and lead you in the direction of success.

Website Redesign Framework

Use this shopper marketing framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a shopper marketing plan.

Use this tool to create a 2017 webinar promotions calendar that will allow you to plan & monitor your promotional activities throughout the year.

Our Shopper Marketing Dashboard is designed to help you keep tabs on the most important metrics for your shopper marketing program, to help your team understand the programs impact and growth.

Use our budget template to set and track your overall Shopper Marketing budget on a monthly and yearly basis


In it's four year, this global benchmarking research project aims to establish a statistically relevant set of metrics so that associations and non-profits can understand how they compare across the following areas: Departmental ownership vs. execution, Digital marketing budgets, Digital marketing skill assessments and Digital marketing channels.

Use our checklist to ensure you are leveraging best practices for your shopper marketing contest.


This webinar will share important data from the content consistency study including content’s importance, role and impact on the customer buying journey. Join us to explore the depth of the sales content problem and to get benchmark data and insights for improvement.

eWorkshop: Trends in Personalization 2017

Join Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, and Paula Crerar, Vice President at Evergage, to hear exclusive findings from the 2017 Trends in Personalization survey of B2B and B2C marketers, and personalization trends you need to know now.

John Follett
By Jerry Rackley Elon Musk , the billionaire founder of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX has just dangled his latest bit of imaginative thinking in front of the world...

A professionally designed calendar to organize, summarize and communicate all of your marketing activities for 2017.


Use this calendar template to keep track of your content marketing efforts through an agile approach.


This live session is ideal if you're looking to understand the current state of sales tool integration, and what benefits come when tools are integrated.

Use this tool to organize and communicate all of your social media marketing activities for 2017.

A professionally designed database & calendar to organize, summarize and communicate all of your marketing events for 2017.

A report to track editorial calendar opportunities and their associated deadlines for 2017.

Brand Consistency Benchmark Report

In this report, Demand Metric, in partnership with Lucidpress, took the beliefs about the impact and value of brand consistency and explored them more deeply. 

Use our checklist to ensure you are leveraging best practices for your digital and/or traditional signs.

Use our checklist to ensure you are leveraging best practices for your shopper marketing mobile strategy.

Use our checklist to ensure you are leveraging best practices for your shopper marketing coupon campaign.

Use this tool to track all your projects for 2017, assign ownership & allocate resources, document scope, budget and timelines.

Use this calendar to organize the dates of distribution for your video marketing program in 2017.

Use the 2017 Employee Holiday Calendar to keep track of employee vacation days, personal days and sick days.