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This webinar will examine the role of the sales proposal in today’s buyer-centric world and present proven strategies to better align your content with buyers’ decision-making behaviors.

The State of Sales Onboarding & Training Research Report

The following report summarizes the results of this year’s survey and shares practical insights from over 400 sales teams that will help you get reps selling faster and retain them for longer.


Use this sales enablement framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a sales enablement program.

Use this database to ensure your marketing collateral is up-to-date and well distributed.

The State of Video Research Report

This annual research effort aims to examine the use of video in business, how it’s measured, and its impact. This year’s report provides insights that will help your team understand how to leverage video and measure its effectiveness.


Joining James will be Dr. Tom Sant, who will show you how to apply this method to all sales content. Together they will show you how to write a sales message that gets people to open and read it, and fires them up to respond.

A template to create an request for proposal (RFP) for a sales enablement system.

A checklist to ensure you have provided all the tools your sales team will need.

The State of the ABM Tech Stack Infographic

60% of respondents list marketing with personalized content as the strategy area most in need of a technology assist.

Measuring account engagement and developing a target account list rounded out the top three areas in need of a tech assist.


This presentation will share the results of this research, including the commitment to Sales Enablement, the content assets it helps deliver, the benefits adherents are getting from it, and how content is affected by the presence of a Sales Enablement process.   

Optimizing Asset Management for Sales Success

The purpose of this How-To Guide is to provide Modern Marketers with a clear understanding of how to effectively use Asset Management Systems as a Sales Enablement tool.

Use this budget template to set and track your Sales Enablement budget.

Use this tool to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Enablement Knowledge Management (Enablement KM) System.

Use this tool to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a sales intelligence System.

Use this tool to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a CPQ System.


Read this best practices report to learn how sales enablement has developed and how to implement the sales enablement function within your company.


This live session is ideal if you're looking to understand the current state of sales tool integration, and what benefits come when tools are integrated.


Join industry expert Janelle Johnson, Senior Director of Demand Generation of Act-On Software, as she shows the benefits of using marketing automation to help sales improve efficiency, and achieve higher close rates.


Join Kate Moore, Director of Revenue Marketing at Salesfusion, to learn how sales and marketing teams are making it work day-to-day.

Use this tool to measure your organization's enablement knowledge management (KM) capabilities.

Use this tool to measure your organization's sales intelligence capabilities.


This eWorkshop evaluates the results of the Demand Metric Benchmark Study hosted to explore the relationship between sales & marketing and the relationship's effect on revenue performance.


This eWorkshop will teach you how to win the content battle with a content marketing plan that reaches the 70-80% of prospects before they've made their buying decision.