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This eWorkshop will teach you 7 lead generation success secrets that you can use immediately to improve your lead generation program.

Generate Leads with Webcasts

A guide to help you learn how to generate leads by providing on-demand webcasts.

Collect Leads with City Tours

A guide to help you plan a campaign for city tours and collect leads from those tours.

Assess Advertising Concept Effectiveness

A guide to help you learn the key characteristics of a solid advertising concept.

Align Sales & Marketing with Lead Nurturing

A guide to help you align your sales & marketing functions to improve lead nurturing.


This guide provides practical advice for implementing a Marketing Automation strategy.


This guide provides advice on how to build permission-based email marketing lists.


This guide provides practical advice for building effective email marketing campaigns.


A guide for implementing an effective lead generation & marketing automation program.

A self-assessment to evaluate your marketing automation and lead generation capabilities.

A tool designed to help you analyze leads, and identify strong prospects.

Use this template to compare email marketing solutions.

Use this to calculate the overall financial impact that Marketing Automation can have on your business.

Use this matrix to obtain info about key marketing automation vendors.

Use this process diagram to communicate your lead generation & nurturing process.

Use this tool to evaluate your organization’s lead generation program maturity.

Use this tool to define, track, and report on your key lead generation metrics.

Use this tool to evaluate your lead generation initiatives.

Use this tool to calculate results for email marketing campaigns.

Use this to evaluate your marketing channels based on their brand promotion quality, lead quality, and cost/event.

Use this matrix to compare marketing automation vendor solutions based on your requirements.

A template to write an RFP for marketing automation software.

A template to write an RFP for marketing automation consulting services.

A template to create a business case for an investment in a Marketing Automation solution.

A strategy scorecard to demonstrate your objectives, programs, metrics, and timeframes.