Collect Leads with City Tours

Resource Overview

A guide to help you plan a campaign for city tours and collect leads from those tours.


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Executive Summary

This How-To Guide has been designed to provide practical advice for planning a city tour to generate buzz on your products/services and collecting leads from those tours.

Read this brief 2-page guide to learn:

  • Why City Tours Are Great For Lead Generation
  • How To Use City Tours To Promote Enthuiasm With Your Team
  • The Benefits of City Tours
  • Action Plan for Developing the Tour & Measuring ROI From the Tour
  • Use our Event Planning Checklist to Prepare


Read this report to learn how to develop a successful city tour campaign and how to gain quality leads from those tours.  Use our Event Planning Checklist to prepare for the city tour and our Tradeshow ROI Calculator to evaluate the quality & quantity of leads you gather from the tour.

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