Marketing Automation Consulting RFP

Resource Overview

A template to write an RFP for marketing automation consulting services.


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Your Problem

You need to hire a marketing automation consultant to help you with marketing. You are required to create a request for Proposal (RFP), which can help you retrieve critical information from a number of vendors. The template you use should include items that help you evaluate marketing automation consulting vendors and determine if the individuals meet specific business requirements and purchasing criteria.

Our Solution

We created a Microsoft Word template to write an RFP for marketing automation consulting services. With our tool, vendors will be able to present their approaches to delivering on your requirements, present a detailed project plan & budget, and will be able to cite relevant references.

In the marketing automation consulting template, each vendor has the opportunity to enter information related to the company represented, including a corporate overview, products and services, markets served, partners and customer references. With this template, vendors are required to provide a breakdown of the costs related to their marketing automation consulting services.

Key Benefits

  • professional 10-page RFP template
  • attract top agencies & consultants
  • outlines scope of work & requirements
  • save 5 hours on writing/formatting
  • provides a real-world example


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Human Resource Analysis