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Use this market research framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a market research plan.

Use this step-by-step planning playbook and set of 31 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive market research process, report & presentation.

Use this tool to create a market research plan on a page.

This how-to guide provides a qualitative and quantitative research process that results in a thorough understanding of why and how your customers choose your product over available alternatives – in their words.

This course has 5 video modules that will help you build an efficient market research process, a comprehensive market research report and an engaging presentation.


In a January & February 2014 study sponsored by SurveyGizmo, Demand Metric partnered with the Marketing Research Association (MRA) to provide a unique view of marketing research from two perspectives.


This eWorkshop discusses the results of a recent study sponsored by SurveyGizmo, which reveals how and why organizations are conducting marketing research, the types they perform, the value of the results, the challenges they face and its future importance.

Use this template to create a Research Request Agreement to be used for multiple parties engaging in a market research program.

Use this template to create a proposal for a market research study.

Sample Size Calculator

Use this sample selector to calculate the size of the sample necessary to provide confidence in the generalizations made about a given population in a market research study.

Use this tool to retrieve vital information from participants that will be engaging in your focus group.

This strategy scorecard will help you identify and document your market research objectives for the next 12-18 months.

Use this tool to gain a consensus on the buy-in for an upcoming market research initiative.

Use this tool to evaluate a series of research conclusions and find which conclusions will be helpful in gaining a better market position.

Use this tool to gain knowledge on the different types of research design & research methods and to select the proper research methods for your market research study.

Use this template to identify the top market research firms to assist you with your market research efforts.

Use this tool to identify and define the decision problem (opportunity) for a market research effort.

Use this tool to connect your decision problem, exploratory research and resulting hypothesis to create a Research Problem Statement.

Use this template to professionally document your market research study and its findings when presenting them to your executive team.

Use this template to create a plan and guidelines for conducting in-depth interviews to gain insight into a market research problem.

Use this template to identify and document the types of analysis you will use to analyze data collected from a market research initiative.

This tool will help you evaluate your organization's market research maturity level.

This template will help you test a hypothesis as part of a market research effort.