Participant Profile Form

Resource Overview

Use this tool to retrieve vital information from participants that will be engaging in your focus group.


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Your Problem

You are required to gather information on the participants you have selected for your focus group prior to the actual event.  You need a standard, concise profile format that can be easily sent to participants for completion.

Our Solution

We designed the Participant Profile Form to provide you with a standardized participant profile form that will help you collect the necessary information from focus group participants before the actual focus group.  This Microsoft Word form includes demographic questions as well as questions to gauge the participant's attitudes prior to the focus group.

This form can be easily sent to participants for completion and participants can just as easily return the forms so that you can compile the information.  The standardized format of this document will help you easily enter the data into your research reports.  It would help to bring blank copies with you to the actual focus group so that participants can fill them out if they had not done so beforehand.

Key Benefits

  • a standard profile form
  • allows you to easily collect demographic information
  • gauges participant attitude's prior to the focus group
  • can drive questions for focus groups
  • easily shared with participants for completion


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Focus Group Preparation