Research Consensus Ranking Tool

Resource Overview

Use this tool to gain a consensus on the buy-in for an upcoming market research initiative.


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Your Problem

You have established a market research problem that needs to be further studied.  In order to gain strategic and financial approval, you need to evaluate the interest & power of each decision-maker involved in the market research problem.

Our Solution

We designed the Research Consensus Ranking Tool to help you evaluate the interest and power of approval for key decision makers involved in a market research effort.  It is important to gain knowledge about your key decision makers in order to gain approval for a market research study that may be necessary for your organization.

This Microsoft Excel ranking tool allows you to assess each decision maker's interest, power, current support and flexibility to gain a 'Support Quotient' for each.  This template also provides you with space to develop an action plan for gaining buy-in from key decision makers that may not be on board with your study already.

Key Benefits

  • gauges decision-maker buy-in to a market research problem
  • considers interest & power of each decision maker
  • enables action planning for further support
  • generates support quotient for each decision maker
  • automatically populates a visually appealing bubble matrix


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 4 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)