Market Research Problem Template

Resource Overview

Use this tool to connect your decision problem, exploratory research and resulting hypothesis to create a Research Problem Statement.


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Your Problem

You need to link your decision problem, exploratory research and resulting hypothesis to formulate a Research Problem Statement.

Our Solution

The purpose of the Market Research Problem Template is to help you use the decision problem, results of exploratory research and the resulting hypothesis you developed from it to craft a Research Problem Statement. 

Ideally, you previously used the Decision Problem Template to craft a decision problem in the form of a question from the manager or decision maker’s perspective.  This decision problem provided guidance to exploratory research to help you develop one or more hypotheses.  The process stage at which you will want to use this Research Problem Statement Template is after you’ve completed your exploratory research and determined which hypothesis your research will address.

This Microsoft Word document will help you formulate your Research Problem Statement in order to present your initial findings to your executive team to either conclude your study or continue on for more in-depth results.

Key Benefits

  • brings multiple tools together to complete your hypothesis
  • provides a professional document to communicate your research problem & hypothesis
  • considers exploratory research to formulate a hypothesis
  • saves hours on formatting
  • can be easily adjusted


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Research Development