Market Research Capabilities Assessment

Resource Overview

This tool will help you evaluate your organization's market research maturity level.


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Your Problem

You need to determine your company's current market research capabilities.  You are required to evaluate your company's market research efforts based on key best practices.

Our Solution

Use our Market Research Capabilities Assessment to quickly assess where your company stands in the market research arena against key market research best practices.  This Microsoft Excel template allows you to complete a self-assessment of your market research efforts and includes convenient drop-down lists to easily rank your current practices based on the best practices listed.

Once you have completed your self-assessment, this tool will automatically generate a 'Results' tab to help you identify which areas of market research you excel at and which areas you might want to consider adjusting for improvement.  The areas being evaluated in this tool are as follows: Commitment, Alignment, Process, Execution and Training, and Support.  Additionally, after you have completed the self-assessment, this tool with generating a list of Recommendations to consider in areas that may need improvement.

Key Benefits

  • presents a well-researched list of market research best practices
  • considers multiple areas of the market research process
  • includes an easy-to-use self-assessment
  • provides advisory level recommendations for improvement
  • can help support claims for budget approval


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)