Market Research Decision Problem Template

Resource Overview

Use this tool to identify and define the decision problem (opportunity) for a market research effort.


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Your Problem

You need to properly identify and define the decision problem to be studied in a market research effort.

Our Solution

We created the Market Research Decision Problem Template to help you properly identify and formulate the decision problem – or opportunity – about which information is needed.  A marketing research effort should not proceed until the decision problem is properly defined.  Accurately defining the problem is the most important aspect of a marketing research process.

This Microsoft Word template provides you with a standardized document to adequately communicate your decision problem to your market research team so that everyone on the team will have a clear understanding of the project's purpose.

Key Benefits

  • helps identify a decision problem
  • enables you to develop and evolve the decision problem
  • facilitates communication among the market research team
  • properly defines the problem for future use
  • professionally designed Word document


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Market Research