Research Conclusion Prioritization Tool

Resource Overview

Use this tool to evaluate a series of research conclusions and find which conclusions will be helpful in gaining a better market position.


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Your Problem

You need to sort through your recent market research studies and gauge which research conclusions would be suited to take to the actionable, business level.

Our Solution

After you have completed a series of market research studies, we encourage you to use our Research Conclusion Prioritization Tool to evaluate the importance of the various research conclusions you have collected.  This Microsoft Excel tool will help you prioritize taking strategic actions on the conclusions your market research efforts have yielded.  

Individually, assess each conclusion based on the given criterion or change the criterion to suit your needs.  After you have completed your assessment, this tool will automatically generate priority scores for each conclusion and populate a bubble matrix that will help you identify what your top priorities should be.

Utilize this tool to gain support and buy-in from key decision makers to implement new programs that may put you in a better market position.

Key Benefits

  • assesses the importance of research conclusions
  • evaluates conclusions based on a given criterion
  • identifies top priorities for implementing new programs
  • takes market research to the actionable stage
  • saves time on intricate analysis of conclusions


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 4 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)