How To Get Going With Demand Metric

Integrate & Sync Your Calendar with Outlook or Google Calendar


Export Data to CSV or Outlook and Google Calendars

There are two common exports that we get asked about all the time:

1. Exporting a list of project activities to a CSV file

2. Exporting your Demand Metric calendar to either a Google or Outlook Calendar (or another calendar that’s shared and online)


We’ve made it super easy for you to do both. Let’s say you want to create a calendar export of all your Smart Projects. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Go into filters, and save a new filter.

2. Click on the Smart Projects filter, and name the new filter Smart.

3. Once you create a new filter name, you’ll see four options pop up: Edit, Delete, Export As CSV or Calendar Export.



4. Click Calendar Export, and you’ll see a pop up that says, Successfully Copied to My Clipboard with a url.

5. You can now paste this url into your shared calendar of choice and you’re off to the races!*


*Similar instructions apply to export to CSV file.

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