How To Get Going With Demand Metric

Create a New Project

Click here to create a new project.


Create A New Project

As a new member, one of the first things you’re probably going to do is create a new project. There are two different types of projects that you can create:

1. Team Projects: multiple people collaborating on a project



2. Personal Projects: just for you



Regardless of the type of project that you need to create (Team or Personal), here a few simple steps to make it happen:

1. Click the button that says, “Create A New Project” (pretty simple so far!) 



2. Customize the project:

  • Add the project name
  • Choose a colour
  • Add users to the project (this will allow them to see and edit the project, and receive notifications when something has been added, changed or tasks have been complete)
  • Last Step: click the big LAUNCH button, and you’re off to the races! Now it’s time to start assigning tasks and editing details.