How To Get Going With Demand Metric

Add Users

You can add users to your account to collaborate online.



Add Users

After you’ve run through an initial set-up on your account, it’s time to add users. Afterall, what good is a project management app if you can’t collaborate with anyone?

We’ve made it super simple to add new users.

At the very top right of your screen, click on the button that says "Add Users", which will take you out to your account profile page.



From here you add the new user by typing in their email address, and select the projects you’d like to give the new user access to.

This page also allows you to see how many new users you have left to add (for example, you can see that you’ve added 2 of your 25 users). You can also see a list view of all your company users, and when they’ve last logged in.



With the Demand Metric app, it’s never been easier to collaborate. Now that you're a power user, learn how to personalize your workflow.