How To Get Going With Demand Metric

Export Data to CSV


Export Data to CSV or Outlook and Google Calendars

There are two common exports that we get asked about all the time:

1. Exporting a list of project activities to a CSV file

2. Exporting your Demand Metric calendar to either a Google or Outlook Calendar (or another calendar that’s shared and online)


We’ve made it super easy for you to do both. Let’s say you want to create a calendar export of all your Smart Projects. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Go into filters, and save a new filter.

2. Click on the Smart Projects filter, and name the new filter Smart.

3. Once you create a new filter name, you’ll see four options pop up: Edit, Delete, Export As CSV or Calendar Export.



4. Click Calendar Export, and you’ll see a pop up that says, Successfully Copied to My Clipboard with a url.

5. You can now paste this url into your shared calendar of choice and you’re off to the races!*


*Similar instructions apply to export to CSV file.

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