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Our Shopper Marketing Dashboard is designed to help you keep tabs on the most important metrics for your shopper marketing program, to help your team understand the programs impact and growth.

Use our budget template to set and track your overall Shopper Marketing budget on a monthly and yearly basis


This live session is ideal for sales & marketing professionals who are responsible for driving revenue.


Learn how world-class Enterprises are standardizing company-wide analytics and reporting in order to clearly prove the impact their investments have on the organizations top line growth.


By following the tips set out in this session, your team will no longer have to guess whether your website is an effective B2B marketing tool.

Dun & Bradstreet sponsored a Demand Metric study to learn how companies are using acquired data and how that data is making a difference in campaigns, demand generation and other key results.

Read this brief 12-page How-To Guide to help you organize your data management efforts. You will also learn how to define goals, specify requirements and build a plan to meet those requirements for data management success.

Use this matrix to obtain information about key vendors in the Predictive Marketing Analytics technology space.

In a December 2013 study, Demand Metric and Netbase partnered to investigate how companies are enabling and optimizing their social media efforts through the use of analytics.

Social Media Analytics

This free eWorkshop will discuss how some organizations understand much better than others the value and impact of their social media efforts. The primary difference is the effective use of social media analytics..

From November-December 2013, Demand Metric, in conjunction with Tableau Software, conducted a benchmarking study, with 300 respondents, to explore the use of sales and marketing analytics tools and technology.

Sales & Marketing Analytics Study Results

This eWorkshop presents results from the sales & marketing analytics study, focusing its attention on the tools; sources of data and techniques marketers are using to drive their analytics efforts.

In October 2013, Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study, with 227 respondents, to understand the relationship between data quality and revenue growth.

Tag Management Guide

This How-­To Guide will explain tags, tag management, how tags are used, why it is important to manage them and concludes with considerations for determining if you need a tag management solution.

Big Data and Marketing Infographic

This infographic provides statistics and best practices for content marketing.

Lead Scoring: Five Steps to Getting Started

A guide to help marketers score leads by showing how to set up a simple lead scoring system and then refine it over time.

Marketing Attribution

This How-To Guide will explain marketing attribution, review various marketing attribution models, discuss when it makes sense to use it, and conclude with an action plan for implementing marketing attribution.

eWorkshop: Marketing Analytics in a Week

In this free, one-hour workshop, you will learn the 5-Step approach to quickly executing marketing analytics projects.

Learning to Love Marketing Analytics

This eWorkshop is ideal for any marketing professional who needs to define the proper framework of metrics to accurately portray marketing’s true value to the organization.

A guide to help you understand the value of using big data.

Read this vendor profile to learn about Wisdom, a social intelligence solution from MicroStrategy that exploits Facebook to quickly gain consumer insights.

A guide to help you understand what Google Analytics are and how they could be beneficial to your organization.

analytical marketing tools and techniques

A guide to help you utilize analytical marketing tools & techniques and implement marketing dashboards into your department.

This Dashboard Readiness Assessment will help you determine your readiness for creating a dashboard for your business.

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