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Use our Shopper Marketing Program Strategies list to discover opportunities you can leverage while planning for your next shopper marketing campaign.

A template to facilitate the development of standardized interview questions for developing shopper profiles.

The PR Crisis Communications Kit How-to Guide shares a five step action plan for protecting your organizations public image during a crisis.

This How-To Guide was designed to help you understand what the common Marketing organizational charts look like, the pros and cons of each structure, and how to select the best org structure for your company. 

Use our Blog Post Inspiration List to get inspired for amazing blog posts on your blog that are engaging and interesting.

Read this brief 12-page How-To Guide to help you organize your data management efforts. You will also learn how to define goals, specify requirements and build a plan to meet those requirements for data management success.

Read this How-To Guide to learn how to transform your call center to a Modern Contact Center.

Read this How-To Guide outlines to learn what Data Enhancement is and how Data Enhancement can benefit your organization.


Read this How-To Guide outlines to learn what B2B Display Advertising is and how B2B Display Advertising can benefit your organization.

This How-To Guide discusses why Video Marketing is the Content Marketing format for 2014, shares the benefits of Video Marketing, and introduces actionable items to get started on your Video Marketing program.

This How-To Guide discusses how to align your video content choices with your audience, the most successful types of video content and the benefits associated with each content type.

This How-To Guide has been designed to help you improve the conversion rate of marketing campaigns by aligning tactics and calls-to-action to customer journeys.

The purpose of this How-To Guide is to provide Modern Marketers with a clear understanding of how to effectively use Asset Management Systems as a Sales Enablement tool.

This How-To Guide is designed to provide marketers with the information and resources they need to effectively manage their users’/customers’ online experiences based on leading-edge customer profile management and registration systems and strategies.

This How-To Guide is designed to help companies with reseller, dealer and distributor networks to empower their channel partners with the tools, information and technology they need for revenue growth and profitability by using Channel Marketing Automation.

Read this how-to guide to learn how to use journey maps to develop a better content strategy.

This How-To Guide discusses how the ins-and-outs of B2B marketing automation to ensure your organization's success as you purchase and implement a system.

Developing Sales Playbooks from Journey Maps

This How-To Guide has been designed to help you and your company build, implement and operationalize Sales Playbooks based on Customer Journey Map data.

Use this guide to understand what level of maturity your organization is at with marketing automation and how you can drive value with more advanced uses of your marketing automation system.

This How-To Guide will explain the components of a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system, provide an action plan for deployment, and conclude with a plan for implementation.

Understanding Location Based Advertising

This How-To Guide describes location-based advertising, how it can benefit your organization and suggests a few common location-based advertising strategies.

Social CRM Best Practices

This How-to-Guide provides an overview of social media applications and emerging best practices for deploying social media at your company.

Tag Management Guide

This How-­To Guide will explain tags, tag management, how tags are used, why it is important to manage them and concludes with considerations for determining if you need a tag management solution.

The Modern Marketing Organization

This How-To Guide has been designed to help you and your company design, staff and resource The Modern Marketing Organization.

Lead Scoring: Five Steps to Getting Started

A guide to help marketers score leads by showing how to set up a simple lead scoring system and then refine it over time.