Strategizing for Myspace's Comeback

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Read this how-to guide to help you strategize for the resurgence of Myspace.


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Executive Summary

As of June 2013, Myspace’s re-release is now out of beta. With an image overhaul and a reignited business focus, this social media network is determined to re-establish itself in the social media hierarchy.

Most will remember that in 2005, Myspace had the most users of any social network. This user base quickly dissipated in subsequent years due to the rapid growth of Facebook. In the wake of its demise, Myspace was sold in 2011 for well under its peak estimated 2005 valuation.

Today, Myspace has a fresh look and strong support from the music/entertainment industry; Myspace seems poised to take back its social network crown. However, with the strong association to music and arts for the new Myspace, many organizations are wondering if this platform is a viable marketing channel for their product(s)/service(s).

This How-To Guide describes the new Myspace identity, the advantages to establishing a Myspace presence for your business and the challenges it may pose.

Read this brief 4-page guide to understand the following:

  1. Myspace's New Identity
  2. Advantages of a Corporate Myspace Page
  3. Business Challenges Associated with Myspace


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