Creating Agile SEO Campaigns

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A guide to help you plan, implement & measure an Agile SEO campaign.


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Executive Summary

Agile Marketing is the application of a simple process popularized by software developers of “build, measure and learn” to marketing practices.  To learn more about the concept of Agile Marketing, review our How-To Guide – Getting Started with Agile Marketing.

The practicality and versatility of the “agile” approach has led to its application in a variety of marketing initiatives, including social, lead generation and SEO.  Organically, Agile SEO makes sense.  With the constant addition of new web pages (51 million in 2012 alone – and the influx of new buzzwords every day, it seems only natural to continuously revise the content and keywords that are generated in order to optimize searches for services, products or content.

Read this brief 4-page guide to learn:

  • The definition of Agile SEO
  • The reasons to engage in Agile SEO campaigns
  • The key components of the Agile SEO approach.

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