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The State of Sales Onboarding & Training Research Report

The following report summarizes the results of this year’s survey and shares practical insights from over 400 sales teams that will help you get reps selling faster and retain them for longer.


Use this sales training framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a sales training plan.

Use this step-by-step playbook and set of 27 premium tools and templates to develop a consultative approach to selling.


Use this step-by-step playbook and set of 47 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive sales enablement plan.


Our Sales Training Maturity Model was designed to help organizations by providing a road-map for improving their sales training efforts and capabilities.


This webinar will examine the role of the sales proposal in today’s buyer-centric world and present proven strategies to better align your content with buyers’ decision-making behaviors.

This course has 6 video modules that will help you train sales reps on a consultative approach to selling.


In a July 2014 study sponsored by Showpad, Demand Metric explored the impact of "bad" sales interactions, or poor performing sales conversations, to understand how they affect sales opportunities and overall revenue.


This guide suggests a better process for acquiring an ICM solution. For many companies, sales compensation is the largest component of Sales, General and Administrative (SG&A) costs. The monthly calculation and payment of variable sales compensation is often an arduous, manual process that must accommodate a number of exceptions and changes: rarely does a sales compensation plan start and end a fiscal year intact.

Starting Out with Sales Enablement

A guide to help you begin a sales enablement initiative.

Examine Buy-In with Stakeholder Analysis

A guide to help you identify and understand the key stakeholders involved in decision-making for your next project.


This guide provides practical advice for converting to a consultative selling approach.

This will help you determine your market position in relation to your competitors.

We created the Sales Presentation Template to provide you with a standardized presentation deck.

Use this to assess key accounts, forecast future sales, key success factors, and competitors.

Use this to evaluate your company's sales training effectiveness.

Use this to evaluate and obtain key stakeholder buy-in during a complex sale.

A template for providing a high level status report for each of your key accounts.

Use this to craft solid arguments to handle common objections.

Use this tool to create an action plan to win more business from your top accounts.

A worksheet to help you develop effective probing questions.

A template to create a standardized sales script that helps your new reps perform faster.

A template for a Non-Compete Agreement between parties who conduct business together.

A template to create a matrix of product features, advantages, and benefits.

Use this to create fictional personas for the key audiences you intend to target.