Public Relations Solution Study

Resource Overview

Our Public Relations Solution Study highlights insights, the landscape, and the vendors associated with the PR space.


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Success in Public Relations continues to depend on skill in building relationships and influencing the influencers with effective, timely communication of relevant content. Public Relations solutions facilitate the success of their users by helping them better manage their relationships and communications processes.

At Demand Metric, we define Public Relations Solutions as the software, tools and data that help PR professionals form relationships with media and influencers by saving time on the process of identifying contacts, enabling communications with them, monitoring and sharing the content they produce.

This study covers the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • What is a Public Relations Solution?
  • Benefits of Public Relations
  • Public Relations Deployment Lifecycle
  • Vendor Selection Criteria
  • Public Relations Solutions Landscape
  • Public Relations Maturity Model
  • Action Plan
  • Analyst Bottom Line
  • About the Research Analysts
  • Our Solution Study Methodology
  • About Demand Metric


There are 8 premium tools & templates linked inside of this solution study:

  1. Media Relations and PR Audit
  2. Digital Marketing Framework
  3. Public Relations Strategy Scorecard
  4. Public Relations Vendors Matrix
  5. Public Relations System RFP Template
  6. Public Relations Vendor Evaluation
  7. Public Relations Plan Methodology
  8. Public Relations Metrics Dashboard