CMO First 90 Days Onboarding Presentation Deck

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Use this Presentation Deck to help document important insights during your first meeting with the CEO.


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When a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) meets with the CEO for the first time, it's crucial to establish a strong rapport and a clear understanding of each other's priorities and expectations. 

Here are some topics that a new CMO might want to cover during their first meeting with the CEO:

  • Discuss the company's mission and vision: Review the company's mission and vision with the CEO to ensure that you have a shared understanding of the company's purpose and long-term goals.
  • Discuss the marketing strategy: Discuss the current marketing strategy with the CEO and ask if they believe it supports the company's overall goals. Be sure to highlight any key initiatives or campaigns that you're planning.
  • Define marketing metrics: Discuss the metrics that you will use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and strategies and how they align with the overall business objectives.
  • Review budget and resources: Discuss your budget and resources with the CEO, including any challenges you might face. Work together to ensure you have the support and resources to achieve your goals.
  • Understand the CEO's expectations: Ask the CEO about their expectations for the marketing department and how they see marketing contributing to the company's overall success.
  • Address any immediate concerns: Use the meeting to address any primary issues the CEO might have and establish a plan for addressing them.

By covering these topics during the first meeting with the CEO, the new CMO can establish a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities, as well as the expectations of the CEO. Covering these topics also provides an opportunity to align marketing efforts with the company's broader goals.


Your Problem

You are a new CMO and want to leave a good impression during your first meeting with the CEO.


Our Solution

We created this Presentation Deck to help you show the CEO you are a results-oriented leader during your first meeting. 

This presentation covers five key areas and includes optional exercises. Each section is designed to help you extract crucial insights from the CEO and provides space to add notes during your meeting. 

Topics to cover during the first meeting with your new boss include:

  • Strategy review
  • CEO's vision for the company
  • CEO's expectations for marketing 
  • How success will be measured
  • The current business outlook (consumer trends, economic factors, etc.) and organizational changes
  • CMO action plan & next steps


This presentation deck also contains links to additional tools & templates, which are optional exercises should you want to dive deeper.  


Key Benefits

  • Easy to rebrand, edit, and add/delete slides
  • Topics to cover during the first meeting are clearly defined
  • Provides links to additional tools & templates
  • Save 20 hours on planning & formatting
  • Professionally designed and written


Use this template and go into your first meeting with the CEO with greater confidence, knowing you will lay the foundation for long-term success.


Estimated Time Required: 5 Hours

Skills Required: Leadership, Strategy & Planning

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation