CMO First 90 Days Onboarding Checklist

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Use this customizable checklist template to help you stay focused and organized during your first 90 days as a CMO. 


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The first 90 days as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can be critical to establishing a solid foundation for success in the role. Here are some key things that new CMOs need to do during this period:

  • Get to know the company: In the first few days, the new CMO should prioritize understanding the company, its culture, and its products or services. Be sure to host meetings with key stakeholders such as the CEO, other executives, and team leaders to get a feel for the company's goals, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Assess the marketing team: The new CMO should spend time getting to know the marketing team and evaluating their skills and strengths. The assessment should include identifying gaps in the team's expertise or processes and deciding whether additional hires are needed.
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders: CMOs must work closely with various stakeholders, including sales teams, product managers, external partners, and others. Building solid relationships with these stakeholders will ensure that marketing efforts align with the company's overall strategy.
  • Establish metrics and KPIs: The new CMO should establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of marketing campaigns. These metrics should be tied to the overall business goals and regularly reviewed and adjusted based on performance.
  • Develop a marketing strategy: Patience is key here. The new CMO must develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with the company's overall goals, but only after they are familiar with its offerings. 
  • Communicate the marketing vision: The new CMO needs to communicate the marketing vision and strategy to the broader organization. They must communicate clear expectations and goals and ensure that the marketing team has the resources and support to execute the plan effectively.

Overall, the first 90 days as a CMO are critical to setting the stage for long-term success. By prioritizing the above areas, new CMOs can establish a strong foundation that will help them achieve their goals and drive growth for the company.


Your Problem

You are a new CMO and need to get up and running quickly. The pressure to deliver results starts building on day one. If you don't take a disciplined approach to onboarding, you'll soon find yourself in firefighting mode in your first 90 days without laying a solid foundation for long-term success.


Our Solution

A Microsoft Excel checklist that will help you stay focused and organized by giving you a structured approach to onboarding.

Sections of this checklist include:

  • Stage of the onboarding process
  • The actions you need to take
  • Due dates
  • Status of the action item
  • Notes, tips, and related resources


This checklist provides a turnkey process, detailed tasks, related resources, and helpful tips. It can be customized to include additional activities that you feel are important.

If you're a new CMO, start on the right foot and set yourself up for success by downloading a copy of this template today.


Key Benefits

  • Get up-and-running faster
  • Focus on what matters
  • Ensure that nothing slips through the cracks
  • Vetting by top CMOs
  • simple and easy to use
  • save 5 hours on formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 90 days

Skills Required: Microsoft Excel