World Class Marketing Assessment

Resource Overview

A self-assessment tool to see if your organization has a 'world-class' marketing department.


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Your Problem

You need to evaluate your the effectiveness of your marketing department.  You also want to identify any GAPs in your marketing department to ensure this part of your organization retains or gains 'world-class' status.

Our Solution

We created our World Class Marketing Assessment to assist in the evaluation of your marketing department.  This tool evaluates your team's marketing effectiveness based on 8 key areas: Strategy & Measurement, Strategic Communications, Product Management, Customer-Centricity, Lead Generation, Sales Enablement & Support, Staffing & Management, and Systems & Technology.

After your self-evaluation, this prescriptive tool provides you with a visually appealing 'Results' tab to share with your marketing team and key stakeholders as well as well-researched, analytical recommendations on how to maintain or achieve 'world-class marketing department' status.

Key Benefits

  • quickly identify GAPs
  • provides intelligent recommendations 
  • tracks measurable improvements
  • save 10 hours on formatting
  • automatically generates graph