Sales Playbook Template

Resource Overview

An all-in-one playbook of information to help your sales reps sell your product/service in the most effective way.


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Your Problem

You need to create a tool-kit of information and best practices that you can share with your sales representatives which identifies the most effective ways of selling your product or service.

Our Solution

We created the Sales Playbook Template to help you create a comprehensive piece of collateral to share with your sales team. This playbook provides you with a tool kit with information on the most effective ways to sell your product or service. The Sales Playbook Template enables you to create an outline to communicate your product/service to your sales representatives. This template was designed in PowerPoint and can be adjusted according to your company´s needs. In addition to the above, the Sales Playbook Template links to a number of templates and tools in the Demand Metric library.

Key Benefits

  • play by play model of your sales process
  • comprehensive guide to your product/service
  • additional tools and templates linked inside
  • simple to edit and add/modify slides
  • professionally formatted and designed


Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Estimated Time Required: 4 Hours

Skills Required: Communications