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ABM Account Product Mapping Template

This worksheet will help you conduct a white space analysis to identify new sales opportunities that you can sell into your existing target accounts. 

Customer Segment Analysis Tool

Use this tool to divide your customer base into distinct groups or segments and analyze them based on shared characteristics, behaviors, or needs.

Influencer Marketing Risk Identification and Mitigation Template

Use this to document the risks associated with Influencer Marketing, assess their impact and probability, and develop risk mitigation plans. 

Use this tool to gain knowledge on the different types of research design & research methods and to select the proper research methods for your market research study.

Use this tool to identify and define the decision problem (opportunity) for a market research effort.

Use this template to identify and document the types of analysis you will use to analyze data collected from a market research initiative.

This template will help you test a hypothesis as part of a market research effort.

A tool to help you evaluate potential focus group facilitators (moderators).

A tool to help you evaluate a focus group facilitator.

Use this tool to evaluate and select the right speaker for an upcoming webinar.

Use this tool to help you measure project performance and progress by scope, schedule and cost.

Use this tool to analyze your website and identify gaps in your capabilities.

A matrix to compare your potential marketing partners.

A matrix to compare candidates you are interviewing.

A matrix to evaluate competing new office locations.

A matrix to evaluate potential trade promotion campaigns.

A tool designed to help you analyze leads, and identify strong prospects.

A matrix to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising concepts.

We created the Consultant Evaluation Matrix to help you compare potential consultants in 5 key areas: Relevant Experience, Skill Set, Professionalism, Consulting Methodology & Tools, and Personality.

A matrix to assess new products that are proposed or currently in development.

A matrix to rate and compare tradeshows based on weighted criteria.

Use this to compare actual sales vs. planned sales for each product.