Advertising Plan Checklist

Resource Overview

Use this as a framework for building your annual advertising plan and budget.


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Your Problem

You need to create an advertising plan and budget. It is required that you present your advertising plan in a consistent and clear format, and also that you show the most relevant information about the events surrounding your proposed plan. It is important that nothing gets overlooked, which is why you are considering using an organizational tool or system.

Our Solution

We created the Microsoft Word advertising plan checklist for organizing your annual advertising plan and budget. Our advertising plan checklist will help make sure that every detail in your advertising plan receives appropriate attention. As an organizational tool, the format provided allows short descriptions of all the activities. The idea is to take each of the items on the checklist and to check them off as you complete them. You also have the ability to add the date when the item was completed. The nature of this format makes it easier for you to add new tasks and comments, which will save you around two hours of formatting.

Key Benefits

  • makes creating an advertising plan easily
  • a step-by-step list of tasks to complete
  • ensures nothing gets overlooked
  • save 2 hours on formatting
  • easy to add new tasks and notes


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Organizational Analysis