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A marketing plan presentation template consisting of seven stages.

Use our Landing Page Optimization Checklist to feel confident that your landing page is fully optimized for your online advertising or SEO campaign, to maximize conversion.

Use this template to detail all of the elements of an important initiative you will embark on in the upcoming year.

Use this tool to visually depict the customer journey across 5 phases: Discovery/Research, Evaluation/Comparison, Decision/Purchase, Implementation, and Support/Renew.

A self-assessment tool to see if your organization has a 'world-class' marketing department.

Sales Playbook Template

An all-in-one playbook of information to help your sales reps sell your product/service in the most effective way.

Use this tool to evaluate calculate how many leads you need to generate to hit your revenue target.

Project Plan Template

Use this template to create a guide for project execution and control.

Project Management Template

A tool to help you plan, organize, manage and control resources in order to achieve specific project related goals.

Project Portfolio Template

Use this template to analyze and collectively manage a group of current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics.

Use this tool to evaluate your organization’s content marketing program maturity.

Buying Process Stage Template

A template to document "buying stages" for each of your buyer personas.

Buyer Persona Template

Use this template to create buyer personas for the key buyers that you intend to target.

Content Mapping Template

Use this template to create a visual representation of your content marketing plan.

Use this template to set and track your overall marketing budget.

Pricing Strategy Worksheet

A worksheet to define your product's pricing strategy and its differentiation.

A template to help you illustrate the purchase process for your product.

Use this to communicate the 5 key stages of product development, define checkpoints for go/no-go decisions, and document required deliverables.

Interview Evaluation Template

A matrix to compare candidates you are interviewing.

A tool to rank projects based on their strategic fit, economic impact, and feasibility.

You need to create a tool for selecting ad agencies regarding specific projects designed by your company.

A self-assessment to evaluate your organization from a Branding perspective.

A template to document your branding objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets for the next 12-18 months.

We created the Consultant Evaluation Matrix to help you compare potential consultants in 5 key areas: Relevant Experience, Skill Set, Professionalism, Consulting Methodology & Tools, and Personality.

Marketing Automation ROI Calculator

Use this to calculate the overall financial impact that Marketing Automation can have on your business.