Marketing Technology Stack Diagram

Resource Overview

Use this template to communicate which vendors you are using for various marketing technology categories across your customer lifecycle.


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Are you looking to visually communicate the growth and status of your marketing technology stack?

This Marketing Technology Stack Diagram was designed to help you document the technology solutions you have in place and communicate gaps or build a roadmap for adding solutions in future. With a diagram in place, your team can use this to not only understand, but help focus on the planning, and ultimatley building out, of the technology required for your marketing stack. 

To get your diagram built out quickly, you will need to do the following within the template itself:

  1. Customize the headings. We've put in a stock customer lifecycle, but feel free to change this to suit your needs.
  2. Update categories. We included some common examples, but you can update the boxes to whatever you prefer.
  3. Add vendor logos. You can place logos in each box to show which vendor you are using for each category.
  4. Plan for future. Place whitewashed logos for vendors you plan to add to your stack within this year.
  5. Communicate. Share your tech stack with staff, management, and peers to keep them informed.