Marketing Plan Presentation Template

Resource Overview

A marketing plan presentation template consisting of seven stages.


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Your Problem

You need to document and communicate your marketing plan. It is required that you share with your team the details regarding your marketing strategy through a PowerPoint presentation.

Our Solution

We created a Marketing Plan presentation template to help you document and communicate your marketing plan. This document consists of seven stages, each designed to facilitate analysis, planning, and communication of your strategic marketing plan.

The basic sections of this Marketing Plan presentation are: Aspiration, Situation, Objective, Strategy, Content, Technology, and Budget. Each section discusses the most relevant information regarding your company's marketing plan (Key stats, SWOT, Objectives, products, channels used, etc). In this resource you will find links to additional Demand Metric tools & templates, which can be used to help you understand each component of strategic marketing plans with our video tutorials, providing you with more confidence when presenting to senior-level stakeholders.

Key Benefits

  • provides links to other tools & templates
  • easy to edit and add/delete slides
  • stages are clearly defined & color-coded
  • save 20 hours on planning & formatting
  • professionally designed and written


Estimated Time Required: 10 Hours

Skills Required: Marketing Planning

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation