Marketing Communications Budget Template

Resource Overview

Use this template to set and track your MarCom budget.


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Your Problem

You are looking to determine and track your MarCom budget and are required to visually communicate your budget with your team. It is important that you present details on the various parts relating to your budget.

Our Solution

We created a Marketing Communications Budget Template to set and keep track of your budget. Our tool offers you 3 charts, including an actual vs. budget, spend summary, and category breakdown.

The format we created in the Marketing Communications Budget provides sections to guide your efforts, and it also provides recommendations as to which sections should be added. The information you add will allow the template to calculate how much you have spent and how much of your budget you have remaining.

Entering the information will provide you with three different visual representations of your data, and will allow you to analyze all of the information related to your budget. For background info, read our Executive Summary: Preparing an Accurate Marketing Budget

Key Benefits

  • easy to use Excel format
  • save 3 hours on formatting
  • generates 3 charts automatically
  • tracks marketing budget month by month
  • calculates year to date & cumulative spend


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)