eWorkshop: Proving Marketing’s Impact: Why Mastering Marketing Performance Management is No Longer Optional

Resource Overview

Join Demand Metric, Allocadia and QuintoVate, as they discuss what leading companies are doing to master Marketing Performance Management. 


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eWorkshop Description:

Today’s marketers live in one of two worlds. In one, they have the ability to prove marketing’s impact to their CEO, CFO, and Board. In the other, this is is simply not possible. 
When marketers can prove their impact, they gain confidence, receive more budget, and become highly respected corporate contributors. When this does not exist, marketing is relegated to being a second class department with minimal power and is left to watch its resources dwindle.
So, what is the difference between the true marketing leaders and the rest? 
The Answer: Advanced Marketing Performance Management (MPM). Demand Metric and VisionEdge Marketing's research clearly shows that the organizations who are able to drive maximum impact and prove their worth are well on their way to becoming just as undeniably indispensable to their organizations as sales or finance.
Join Demand Metric Chief Analyst Jerry Rackley, Sam Melnick, Director, Customer & Marketing Insights at Allocadia and Brian Brownrigg, Managing Director at QuintoVate as they discuss what leading companies are doing to master Marketing Performance Management. 
In this webinar you will learn:
  • Why a focus on MPM today is required to optimize marketing performance
  • What the key characteristics of MPM are, and how winning marketing departments are excelling with this competency
  • How to create the needed change and action across your global marketing organization


About the Presenters

Jerry Rackley - Chief Analyst, Demand Metric

With 30 years experience in Marketing at organizations like IBM and Esker Software, Jerry is an expert in Market Research, Product Management, PR, Positioning, and B2B Marketing. He oversees all Demand Metric's primary research and is also adjunct faculty at OSU in Oklahoma.  

Sam Melnick - Director, Customer & Marketing Insights at Allocadia

Sam Melnick, Allocadia’s Director, Customer and Marketing Insights, is a former award winning IDC Analyst and a career marketer. Sam leverages his background to utilize best practices and benchmarks to help Allocadia customers build world-class marketing organizations.

Brian Brownrigg - Managing Director at QuintoVate

Quintovate is a management consulting firm with broad experience in Marketing Operations and a singular focus on Marketing Performance. Brian's specialties include marketing operations, marketing automation, campaign management, and marketing business intelligence.