eWorkshop: 5 Questions the CMO Should Ask

Resource Overview

This eWorkshop will present an appropriate set of questions the CMO can use to engage the CEO and we'll suggest resources that will help ensure a healthy dialogue exists between marketing and the organization it serves.


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eWorkshop Description: 

For the marketing team to work at its peak, and for the organization to get a full return on its investment in marketing, an effective relationship between the CEO and the CMO must exist.

Demand Metric previously presented "Five Question the CEO Should ask Marketing" - this eWorkshop puts the shoe on the other foot, providing the CMO with five questions to plumb the depths of understanding and relational commitment with the CEO. As before, the goal of this set of five questions is to ensure a healthy dialogue exists between marketing and the organization it serves.

During this 30-minute workshop, Rackley suggests a series of questions as a catalyst for a productive, healthy and ongoing dialogue between the CEO and Marketing. These questions were initially articulated in a Demand Metric blog post:

  1. What's your definition of marketing?
  2. How will you measure marketing's success?
  3. Is marketing strategic or operational?
  4. How involved will you be in managing the marketing function?
  5. What level of resources will the marketing team have?

Each of these questions will be discussed in detail and resources suggested to help marketers provide quality answers to them.

This eWorkshop is ideal for C-level executives and their marketing teams.

About the Instructor: 

Jerry Rackley joined Demand Metric in October 2011 as Vice President of Marketing & Product Development.  He began his 28-year marketing career at IBM, and his work record includes experience in the technology and financial services sectors.  During his career, he has worked with companies ranging in size from startups to members of the global 1000, performing marketing, marketing communication, public relations and product management work. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, he is an adjunct Marketing faculty member in the Spears School of Business. He resides in Stillwater, Oklahoma with his wife and family.