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Use this tool to improve market research, product strategy, capabilities, technology, and product marketing.

The Sales Analysis Tool can be used to review products/service sales, channel sales, sales by representative, market segments, and sales team goals.

Use this to document risks, assess their impact and probability, and develop risk mitigation plans.

Use this tool to analyze your organization and identify gaps in your capabilities.

Use this to document target items, current state, goal state, timeline, and action items for resolving gaps.

Use this to assess key accounts, forecast future sales, key success factors, and competitors.

Use this to identify key stakeholders, evaluate their interest, power, support level and flexibility.

We created the Web Content Audit Tool to help you audit your content strategy and determine what needs to be created, modified, or updated.

Use our Website ROI Calculator tool to measure the results of your website development initiatives.

Use our Win Loss Analysis Template to track your competitive wins and losses.

A matrix to help you compare potential venue options based on your event's requirements.

Use this to evaluate and obtain key stakeholder buy-in during a complex sale.

A worksheet to analyze industry trends and social, technological, economic and political conditions.

A root-cause analysis tool, or "fish-bone diagram", to identify and document potential risks.

A template to document and assess the key messages that are important for your target audience to hear.

A tool to help you select the markets that represent the best opportunity for your organization.


A template to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and associated opportunities and threats.

A calculator to input cost & sales variables and determines break even point and profitability.

A tool to compare the profitability of various products in your portfolio.

An analysis tool to evaluate corporate accounts based on 6 key criteria.