GAP Analysis Template (Basic)

Resource Overview

Use this to document target items, current state, goal state, timeline, and action items for resolving gaps.


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Your Problem

You have a set of strategic objectives but your organization doesn't currently have the processes, capabilities, or resources required to execute on them.

Our Solution

A tool to analyze your organization's current state, propose an improved future state, and identify gaps that need to be resolved. Gap analysis is an excellent method for brainstorming how to improve your processes and operations.

For background info, read the following Executive Summaries: Writing Business Strategy PlansPerforming a Solid GAP Analysis

Key Benefits

  • provides a structured analysis framework
  • documents target items, current/goal state, timeline & action items
  • common analysis framework taught in MBA strategy classes
  • gives you examples of target items to address
  • great team-building exercise


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Strategic Planning