Risk Analysis Fishbone Tool

Resource Overview

A root-cause analysis tool, or "fish-bone diagram", to identify and document potential risks.


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Your Problem

You need to identify the root causes for issues that expose your project to risk. It is required that you present to your team a visual representation of the risks your company´s project might face over a period of time. You need to encourage your team to organize this risk into different categories and to brainstorm different scenarios where your project may not be successful.

Our Solution

We created a Risk Analysis Fishbone tool, or "fish-bone diagram", to identify and document potential risks. This is a brainstorming tool that generates ideas, and when using our tool you can easily see the different categories of risk that your projects face. Once you have adjusted the fish-bone diagram according to your needs, the next step is to assess the impact and probability of each risk and to develop a risk mitigation strategy.

This tool is perfect to encourage teamwork and brainstorming towards properly assessing risk and to construct a visual representation that can be shared with upper management and stakeholders. This template will save you approximately one hour of formatting, which you can devote to better understanding and analyzing risk.

For more info, read our Executive Summary: Risk Assessment & Analysis Techniques.

Key Benefits

  • visual risk analysis diagram
  • identifies root causes to issues
  • helps with brainstorming
  • save 1 hour on formatting
  • breaks risks down into categories


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel Analysis