Advanced Marketing Performance Management

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A benchmark report on advanced marketing performance management best practices.


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CMOs live in one of two worlds: possessing the ability to prove the long-term, quantitative impact of marketing, or lacking the visibility and control to make confident marketing decisions. When proof of marketing’s successful performance and contribution to the business is undisputed, it is because the CMO runs marketing as a profit and loss center. Furthermore, marketing defines its performance by comparing results to a set of CEO-relevant objectives. For top performing marketing departments, There is little gray area; it’s always clear how marketing is performing. Thanks to this clarity, marketing enjoys ample resources as the business case for investing in it is easy to make, and when the pressure to grow revenue increases - marketing’s value only grows.

It’s a different story for CMOs that are unable to quantify the impact of marketing. When this is the case, marketing is viewed as an expense, and determining marketing’s impact is a popularity contest. Marketing’s existence in this environment is regularly in peril, subject to the whims of the C-suite’s opinion du jour and all the while marketing rides a funding rollercoaster. At the first sign of corporate economic distress, rather than turn to marketing to engineer a rescue, marketing is often at the front of the line for the budget-cutting axe.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The MPM Landscape
  3. MPM and Knowing the Business
  4. MPM: Data and Metrics
  5. Marketing Operations: Advanced MPM
  6. Marketing’s Business Authority
  7. Acknowledgements


Research Methodology

The findings are based on a survey administered online from January 27 – February 29, 2016. During this period, 438 responses were collected, 366 of which were complete enough and qualified for inclusion in the analysis.