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This how-to guide provides a qualitative and quantitative research process that results in a thorough understanding of why and how your customers choose your product over available alternatives – in their words.

Use this How-To Guide to train your team on a process for creating a compelling value proposition.

The State of the ABM Tech Stack Infographic

60% of respondents list marketing with personalized content as the strategy area most in need of a technology assist.

Measuring account engagement and developing a target account list rounded out the top three areas in need of a tech assist.

Value Proposition Messaging Worksheet

Use this template to document your value proposition and messaging framework including, key benefit pillars, proof points to validate your claims, and elevator pitch.

Marketing Plan Presentation for Start Up

Use this template to develop your marketing plan for a new start-up or business idea.

eWorkshop: The State of Email Marketing 2019

Email remains one of the most important marketing channels. Join John Follett, Co-Founder of Demand Metric, and Tom Sather, Sr. Director of Research at Validity, as they discuss the results of our 2019  State of Email Marketing Benchmark Study. 

The State of Email Marketing Video Infographic 2019

Demand Metric and Return Path by Validity continue to partner to understand which email tactics marketers are using, how well they are working, and what challenges prevent greater success with email. The most recent edition of this research continues to pursue answers to the key question: What separates high-performing email marketers from the rest of the pack?

The State of Email Marketing Infographic 2019

The top email marketing objectives are communicating with customers (74 percent), building brand awareness (64 percent), and communicating with prospects (63 percent). 

Linking Content to Revenue in Consulting Firms

Demand Metric recently partnered with Seismic to better understand how Consulting firms utilize technology to improve the collaboration between business development and marketing, and the results are in!

Linking Content to Revenue in Consulting Infographic

Organizations that embrace sales enablement technology enjoy better alignment and collaboration between marketing and business development teams, leading to more effective content and, ultimately, higher revenue.


Demand Metric partnered with Seismic to conduct this research study to benchmark how sales enablement technology can impact consulting firms.

Use this Lean Startup Process Diagram to understand and communicate the major phases for starting up a new business, including Concept, Problem/Solution Fit, Product/Market Fit, Growth Hacking, and Scale. 

Use this Lean Startup Business Model canvas template to summarize your business model.

Use this Startup Concept Document to document your new business idea.  

Use this Key Assumptions Validation Workbook to organize how you will systematically validate your key assumptions related to your startup business model and assess the risks and develop contingency plans in the event that your assumptions prove incorrect. 

lean startup experiment planning workbook analysis

Use this Experiement Planning Workbook to analyze each experiment you are considering based on Probability (chances the experiment will be successful), Impact (how will it affect your key metrics, and Feasibility (ease and low cost to attempt).

Influencer Marketing Framework

Follow this simple framework to develop an Influencer Marketing program that supports your company’s goals & objectives.

Our Sales Intelligence Maturity Model was designed to help organizations by providing a road-map for improving their Sales Intelligence efforts and capabilities.

The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

In this guide, you will discover a distilled best practice approach to Influencer Marketing that will supercharge your strategy and help you conquer influencer marketing.

Our Sales Communication Maturity Model was designed to help organizations by providing a road-map for improving their Sales Communication efforts and capabilities.

Enablement KM Maturity Model

Our Enablement KM Maturity Model was designed to help organizations by providing a road-map for improving their Enablement KM efforts and capabilities.

Influencer FTC Disclosure Due Diligence Checklist

Use this checklist ​protect your brand by ensuring that the influencers you leverage adhere to FTC guidelines.