eWorkshop: Linking Content to Revenue in Consulting

Resource Overview

Demand Metric recently partnered with Seismic to better understand how Consulting firms utilize technology to improve the collaboration between business development and marketing, and the results are in!

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eWorkshop Description

Success for consulting firms is a function of winning clients, retaining them, and turning them into loyal advocates. When firms can do these things efficiently, they enjoy higher margins. Efficiency in the consulting profession comes down to utilization, enabling consultants to stay focused on the highest and best use of time for their firms.

Pursuing clients and fulfilling their needs is a labor and content in tensive endeavor. Managing the intricacies of producing content is an activity that takes away from consultants staying focused on sales and high, value-add billable work.

However, many consultants find that they must remain very hands-on to get the content they want, but they pay a price for their involvement in the form of lower utilization.

Sales enablement is a category of solutions that streamline the process of creating content. Organizations that embrace sales enablement technology enjoy better alignment and collaboration between marketing and business development teams, leading to more effective content and, ultimately, higher revenue.

Demand Metric partnered with Seismic to conduct this research study to benchmark how sales enablement technology can impact consulting firms.

The study’s hypothesis was that sales enablement technology improves collaboration and agility in pursuing clients, resulting in greater content effectiveness and higher revenue. This report shares key insights from the study and provides data that is useful for building sales enablement best practices.

The largest segment of this study’s respondents were in consulting roles. A majority of the firms in this study experienced revenue growth during the past fiscal year. The nature of consulting work in which participants are engaged included strategy, operations, IT, financial advisory, organizational, and other types. Over one-third of the consultants in the study are involved in strategy consulting.

Join Jerry Rackley from Demand Metric and Costa Neofotistos, Director of Value Consulting at Seismic, as they share the results of our ground-breaking research study and give practical advice about how to leverage process and technology to improve content ROI and increase revenue.

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • Key findings from the study and how they can be infused into your firm's strategy
  • How high-performing teams are leveraging sales enablement technology
  • The impact of sales enablement on revenue and retention